The year-round heated pool with the taste of a resort in the South

This is a year-round heated pool where you can enjoy outdoor swimming even in winter.
It invites you to an exotic setting surrounded by palm trees and offers various amenities, including the Jacuzzi, Cabana, and Finland Sauna, for the best getaway any time of the year.

Four Seasons Pool
You can enjoy outdoor swimming all year in this heated pool. It is connected to the indoor pool for a special experience.
Enjoy water massage to relieve your muscles and tension in the Jacuzzi at the center of the pool.
Enjoy a private vacation with your family, friends, or lover at the Cabana by the pool.
Finland Sauna
The Finland Sauna is looking out the indoor and outdoor pools through the full-glass windows.
It is built with Hinoki Cypress that is rich in phytoncide for the healthy recuperation of your body and mind.
Information 064-735-8926 Location B2 Hours 09:00~24:00
Service Life vest(land free), swimsuit, bathing cap (charged service)
Use Guide Please observe the regulations of the swimming pool for your safety and comfortable environment.
  • - All children under 130cm height must wear life vest or tube with parents or guardians for the swimming pool admission
  • - Please enter the swimming pool after a shower to get clean water management.
  • - Limited items: Snorkeling equipment, flipper, tubes that are over 1m etc.
  • - Food and drinks are not allowed in the swimming pool and sky cabin for pleasant water quality.
  • - Guests can be limited high winds, according to weather conditions such as typhoon.
  • - Water temperature: summer season: 29~30 ℃ winter season: 33~34 ℃