Indoor Pool

A unique pool connected to the outdoor pool – Indoor Pool

Enjoy the bright sunshine and view of Jeju coming in through the full-glass window.
The pool offers the quality of water closest to nature and is connected to the outdoor pool for a special swimming experience.

Information 064-735-8926 Location B2 Hours 06:30~24:00
Service Life vest(land free), swimsuit, bathing cap (charged service)
Use Guide Please observe the regulations of the swimming pool for your safety and comfortable environment.
  • - All children under 130cm height must wear life vest or tube with parents or guardians for the swimming pool admission
  • - Please enter the swimming pool after a shower to get clean water management.
  • - Limited items: Snorkeling equipment, flipper, tubes that are over 1m etc.
  • - Food and drinks are not allowed in the swimming pool and sky cabin for pleasant water quality.
  • - Guests can be limited high winds, according to weather conditions such as typhoon.
  • - Water temperature: summer season: 29~30 ℃ winter season: 33~34 ℃